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By GamingTicko
#208936 so a pokemon mod just got me thinking what if you add say pokemon nest's like how in the pokemon anime toucannon has a nest but the pokemon can make like nest's, den's, burrow's and the elusive mysterious oasis where you go for you trapinch to evovle into a special kind of evolution with a differant type say how trapinch evovles into a ground/dragon type depending on your team you will get a retextured trapinch evolution say if you get a full team of water types the vibrava and flygon will have water droplet's on the wing's (but anyway this is my crappy rambling's sorry if can't understand coffee just kicked in)

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By SKy2008
#208944 More visible impact of wild Pokémon on the world via blocks and small structures is something I'd love to see.

Special forms with differing stats or typing will not be added though. That would open the flood gates for all kinds of fan content and fakemons. Maybe some more special textures though.