By aibireo
#207975 Merge the egg move pools from current and past generations.

The newest update pushed forward the Generation 8 egg moves. I have two qualms with this and will use them as the basis for inciting this change/suggestion.

1. In a competitive standpoint for servers rather than single-player you now have players who managed to get a hold of Egg Moved pokemon, such as Close Combat Pinsir or Pursuit on a multitude of pokemon. This creates an imbalance in the competitive scene as now accessibility has some dictation on what you can have and what you might face. These previous egg moved pokemon will begin to dwindle in stock as players forget about them or leave servers, but players who have them will still always hold a slight to large competitive advantage depending on the situation. This is something that is currently happening, just today is the very first day of it.

2. We are allowed to have pokemon who are not included in the Generation 8 games. Main point in this is that it doesn't make a terrible lot of sense to have a very decently well incorporating and diverse pokemon mod/game in this regard but for some reason get extremely narrow in regards to movepools/egg moves/etc. There's even a setting to allow for "illegal shinies" which means that somebody put forth the effort to look up event pokemon or another that can't exist with certain moves AND be shiny. With that kind of effort, why would we not have all the egg-moves or even just movepools from past gens be available?

I apologize as this is partially a rant, but I also believe it is a good suggestion as it gives for a more encompassing mod/game where players from all generations of pokemon can have an understood experience that isn't narrowed down by a very simple choice.

By SunnyScout
#208014 I completely agree to this point, and what also bothers me is that the time went into removing these egg moves and changing move sets (i.e. Belly Drum Swirlix doesn't exist with this new update even though the move has not been removed from the game) could've been saved or put elsewhere as a lot of people don't really seem to enjoy this change. For example, Hidden Power is still in the mod, however, in Generation 8 that move is also removed like Pursuit and yet it's still in the game as a TM while Pursuit can't really be taught anymore and cannot be bred down.

Personally, I play on the Complex Pixelmon servers and on the particular server I play on we have a fairly close knit breeding group. We have no idea what to do about Pokemon that were bred prior to the change as now these Pokemon are very important and very rare. With how many Pokemon are in Generation 8, versus how many Pokemon are in the Pixelmon mod (which is all of them), it doesn't make sense to me at all that the egg move pools haven't been combined instead. Especially when things like Mega Evolution and Hidden Power get to stay but other things don't?
By Eleacie
#208024 Personally I'm also not a fan of all the egg moves being removed, I think Sunny makes a good point that it seems like picking and choosing what is being kept versus what isn't. I honestly think this update was very harsh to dark types in general, my friends and I decided to make mono type teams for the complex pixelmon gold server and I'm the dark type trainer. I am not able to put at least THREE different moves on pokemon now since they're not in gen 8 anymore: Pursuit, Knock Off, and Punishment are all no longer learnable. I think this takes away a lot of the versatility that dark had to be able to deal with counters and such, which as mentioned the pokemon I bred previously to the update are now an endangered species basically and who knows how that effects the economy as well.
I really hope this change is reconsidered to combining all the previous generations like was done in all the past updates, that's the beauty of this mod and having everything together is people getting to pick/choose what they want to play and have their style be rather than pigeon holed into certain pokemon since others aren't viable anymore without these moves.
By SunnyScout
#208025 There's quite a few dark type moves that got removed/nerfed because of this, completely agree Eleacie. It's just very very odd to me that Mega Evolutions are kept, Hidden Power is kept, but egg moves like Pursuit are gone?

On top of it too, the move changes to certain Pokemon are still weird. I know I mentioned Swirlix before but the move isn't even removed in the game (Belly Drum) but it still can't learn it because of a slight change to it's move set that I don't quite understand why.