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By LucidDreamer0322
#207962 Judging by how the orbs use a damage value to keep track of your progress, offering a variable editable by config would have to come with the clause "Changing this value can/will break all orbs currently in the world!" but it should be doable. Would also probably have to tweak the item description code a bit.

As someone who is playing on a private server with only 1 other person I find the lack of configuration in this area to be incredibly frustrating. 375 pokemon per orb (as farming with 2 in my inventory gains neither progress) means that you need to farm 1,125 wild pokemon just for the gen 1 birds, which is crazy on it's own. Then you look at other legends... no one in their right mind is ever going to legally farm all of those. I don't want to be that whiney deuche complaining about how difficult a goal is, but A - no one playing a gen 1 game had 1152 wild kills under their belts by the time the birds were available to be caught, B - needing to find at least 1 each of 4 different key pieces, for each of like 8+ other legends using the random gen loot system, not to mention the unknown blocks that I haven't even got to yet, C - 40 souls from tier 4 random loot drops wtf!?

This is a fantastic mod so far on so many levels, but severely lacking in balance, these settings could be fun in a public server with 100's of people (I bow to the pc that could handle that) but for a private server with only a couple people..... no way. A challenge or a grind is one thing (I play Warframe ffs), but scales like that and such a reliance on low drop chance, in a random table to boot, severely hurts the playability and flow of the mod.

Fantastic work, but please @Dev, tweak the balance or make it configurable.
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By SKy2008
#207967 A quick calculation got me some 200+ kills on average to get one Pokémon to level 50, assuming you're fighting opponents 10 levels below you the whole way. For a full team that's approaching 1.5k.