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By CadeyNationttv
#207953 Hello and Welcome to The Kingdom of Light Pixelmon Server the Server is currently under development and a lot of effort is going into the builds.

This is the general plan for the time being :

Building :
Phase 1:
Safari Zone - 95% finished.
Players Hub -
Battle Arena

Phase 2:
Cave Networks
A Subway System

And a whole lot more, i am looking for builders, gym leaders, administrators, operators, and a whole lot more,

You can catch me on every Monday to Friday developing the Server, here is where you can find the IP and join in on the stream and help shape the destiny of the server. feel free to join the discord.

Features and more information will be added into this post as time progresses.

Some Features i plan to add:

Region Locked Adventures (Earn 8 badges to unlock the next and so on) the regions will have 8 towns and a number of villages to buy houses, and travel to in order to unlock the secrets within. the towns and all areas of interest will be linked together by Cycle path and along the routes there will be several pokemon grass and cave for an rpg feel of catching pokemon, natural spawning will be disabled because i want you you to explore and discover.

As mentioned above Explore and Discover will be the natural theme for this server - you need to keep your eyes peeled along your travels, there will be secrets hidden all over but it's up to you to find them. (The whole Everything is there for a reason comes into play here)

i am planning to potentially use all 50 gym badges even though that may be too much, i want to make the most of the space we have (if you think this is too much, quote and lend me an alternative suggestion).

Player owned Towns: you pay 30,000 to purchase a plot of land, you have to maintain the upkeep or risk losing it, and you get a free house and a free shop where you can sell your goods, other players have to cycle to your town/area and buy goods which in turn increases your revenue. You can then use that money to get new buildings (approved by me) and hire people to work in your town.

A full flowing Subway system for alternative route to big towns (not the small ones)

i have a lot more ideas but fully focusing on the building side of things, if you have any suggestions that could make the server that little bit more exciting then comment below. is the place to be to discuss more about the server, and get involved. I stream on where i am doing development every now and then.

More information and updates of the server will be added here as time progresses.

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By CadeyNationttv
#207961 Here is the Current Spawn where you begin your Journey but with a twist:


When you start your journey your traditional starting pokemon will be disabled because i want to make it a different experience and instead it's a luck of the pick type of starter you get 4 chests to choose from upon your initiation.

So in the chests there are 4 sprites, all you have to do is choose one (completely Random) and that will be your starter sometimes i could choose you some basic fodder like a rattata, or another time i could choose something a little bit over powered like a Ditto.

this changes the way you start your journey.

(pictures coming soon)