By GoodIdeaVibes101
#207801 To make it simple pokemon conquest is one of my favorite pokemon games to play. but to do that in pixelmon, we would need help of other mods like create and minecolonies along with all pixelmon side mods and the nature's compass mod. one problem though is with minecolonies, being the npc pixelmon, villagers, could crash but also the build for an epic pixelmon colonies conquest would take the fortress structure from 1.16.5 and back ported to 1.12.2. or the other way to do it well you should know it and if you don't its just years of coding pixelmon to 1.16.5 I know that'd be years till it comes so basicly if you could work out a joint effort with pixelmon reforge and minecolonies for a modpack like that, and who knows you could also make it into an adventure map for people who don't like servers. that my idea so tell me if you like it or not don't forget to explain why. ;-) dont forget BOP mod. 8-)

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By SKy2008
#207822 I'm not quite sure what it is you're actually suggesting here. You are free to install any mods you like alongside Pixelmon, you don't have to wait for us to specifically make a modpack for that. Our official packs will be kept to a minimum of suggested and common mods.

As for updating to newer Minecraft versions: That's in the near term plans. We're looking to work on and release versions for 1.15 or newer soon-ish - the exact version depends on what's the most stable at that point.