By Suriam
#207688 NPC Editor

->Add an interface in the npc editor to modify the products/prices of each pixelmon shopkeeper.

->Improve or create an advanced interface on the pokemon trade NPCs, assigning the following parameters:
    - Assign a nature, nickname, skills, abilities, moves, ivs/evs, gender, size, equipped item, shiny that will be given in the pokemon trade.
    -Demand requirements such as asking for a pokémon of a certain size, gender to make the pokémon trade...
    - The option to make an equivalent exchange being the requested and received pokémon of the same nature or sharing the same ivs/evs.
    - If the exchanger offers the possibility of daily exchanges, once only once per player or disappear after trade their pokémon.

Pixelmon config

->Set the minimum value of the total sum of ivs in wild pokemons. (0-186)

->Set the maximum value of the total sum of ivs in wild pokemon. (0-186)
For example of being 70 in the minimum value and 130 in the maximum value no pokemon captured will come out with a genetic lower than 70 or higher than 130.

->Excellent ivs per stat in wild pokemon: (0-6)

->Set maximum value of total sum of ivs in legendary pokemon. (0-186)

->Sett the maximum value of total sum of ivs in legendary pokemon. (0-186)

->Excellent ivs per stat in legendary pokemon: (0-6) (Default from 6th generation onwards is 3).

->After losing a fight and running out of pokemons the following message will appear: <player> lost all his pokemons and <player> went running to the nearest pokemon center; being teleported to the location of the last used healing machine. True/False

->Enable fishermen to grant fishing rods. True/False

Battle rules

->Sunny weather: At the start of combat apply sunny day.

->Snowy weather: At the start of combat apply hail.

->Rainy weather: At the start of combat apply drizzle.

->Desert weather: At the start of combat apply sandstorm.

->Limit reduced and increased stats: Pokémons cannot increase or decrease their stats more than one level per combat.

->Equity for changes: Limits the number of changes and withdrawals in a combat being a total of 3 replacements for each continent.

->Recycling: By activating this option, consumable and single-use berries and items will be returned to your pokémon after the battle is over.

->Disable items: All equipped items will be disabled and will have no effect in combat.

->Limitation on incoming skills: Intimidation, drought, snowfall, sandblast abilities will only apply their effect once per combat, regardless of whether or not the pokemons are replaced.

->Automatic battle mode: Apply in battles Battle arena (Battle Frontier, esmerald) where pokemons execute their moves based entirely on their own criteria and free will.

->Dojo Battle mode: Apply in combat the rules of the Dojo Battle (Battle Frontier, esmerald) and in 3 turns evaluate the components: Mind, skill, body.

->Battle of attrition: No pokemon can be changed or substituted in battle.

->No escapees: Clause to the movements U-turn, Volt Switch, Parting Shot.

->Waiting time on PS restore: After using a healing potion or the moves Synthesis, Morning Sun, Moonlight, Soft-Boiled, Slack Off, Recover, it will not be possible to heal again until 3 turns have passed.

->Waiting time for pokémon exchanges: After replacing a pokémon in combat, it will not be possible to exchange it again until 2 turns have passed.
Perpetual torment: Pokémons will not be able to use the same move twice in a row.


->Create a configuration, mod, file or commands that allow you to modify the base stats, skill, drops and moves learned per level of each pokémon. (Solved by SKy2008, ignore this last point due to my ignorance.)

Thank you for taking the time to read this and excuse my level for English.