By AwesomeAndo
#207346 Please add Pokestops so that players are able to get random items when they are exploring the world. They should be able to be configured as to what items they give, what chances they are given out as and how long the cooldown should be on them. There is also the possibility of having different tiers of pokestops with better loot the higher the tier. This idea comes from the pokestops in pixelmon generations that they newly added, which are good but basic.

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By Tahlavos17
#207347 Mate, I know that there is a mod that add pokestops to the game it is called PixelmonGo you can look it up on google and you can easily find it. I doubt that the Pixelmon Team will add it to the game. To me its more or less a side mod than what could be added to the base mod. I would link to the mod but not knowing how the staff would feel about it it is best that you just highlight the mod and click search with google to find the mod that way. I hope this helps you out.