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By Acaulis
#206874 I recently joined this server and was warmly welcomed by the great community. I have tried other servers before and never really got involved much with the community however since this community is so open I felt welcomed with open arms. I really recommend this server to anyone looking for a server to play on it is a lot of fun!

- Acaulis

By ThatOneBirdGuy
#206907 I've played a lot of pixelmon in my life, and I've been on a lot of pixelmon servers. This being said, this server is genuinely one of the best I've seen in a long time. The community seems genuinely nice, the server isn't laggy, and they start you with a huge amount of claim blocks, which is a big selling point for people like me. Looking forward to putting more time into this server.

From mc acc ThatOneBirdGuy69
By Theslayingpug
#206930 hi my name is Theslayingpug and i recently joined the server , i really like it its kinda special because every other server is like easy to get anything but i have a feeling that this server is like Really really good
i actually think i will be on the server for a really long time ^^