By PoryGoshua
#206554 It appears that a Silver Wing item exists in Pixelmon, but there is currently no use for it:
I propose we fix that.

The Rainbow Wing gives certain pokemon a Rainbow texture. Since the Silver Wing is Lugia's counterpart to Ho-Oh's Rainbow Wing, I had an idea of having the Silver Wing behave similarly, and give certain pokemon a 'Silver' Texture.

The Silver Wing would then have a 5% chance of being held by bell-summoned Lugia, just as the Rainbow Wing can be held by Ho-Oh.

By PoryGoshua
#206558 Now that I think about it, Lugia is very closely associated with the ocean, and there is a currently unobtainable Drowned texture for certain pokemon. Why not have the Silver Wing give the already-existing Drowned texture instead of something brand-new?