By Nhox
#206553 Hello, I would like to start by thanking everybody that keep this mod updated and continue to improve it. It's a very enjoyable and well made mod, and the best part is that there is always more to look forward to !

So, after a fairly extended time spent playing with this mod, I have just a couple of suggestions that I think could improve (in my opinion) the solo user experience without being unfaithful to the original game :

One of the things I would enjoy the most added to this mod would be more structures to make exploration more interesting, and one that could also be useful would be a Pokémon Laboratory that would share the same spawning rules as the Gyms and would have a Pokémon Professor NPC inside it. This NPC could grant unique rewards for progressing in the Pokédex, and it could also give IVs/EVs informations about the player's Pokémons without needing an external calculator or an external mod that "magically" gives these informations (also according to the wiki, these mods are not supported anymore).

Also, since I couldn't find a way to relocate the move tutors NPC without cheating, maybe it would be interesting to have a similar approach than Terraria / Animal Crossing and let the players "invite" NPCs to move closer when they meet them in the middle of nowhere by relocating the entity to a manually selected area / building.

Anyway, thanks again for the mod !