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By Cappan
#206351 So, I've recently acquired a Shaymin on my primary server, and much as I love this funky dude, one thing's really been bugging me: It automatically reverts forms if I try to send it out past its bedtime. While this and other similar form reversions (Hoopa comes to mind) may be what many players want, it would be nice to have a config option to change these forms from ones that automatically revert, to ones that can be toggled on and off at will (or perhaps, for Shaymin, using the Gracidea at night would change sky to land, and day would be land to sky, but it wouldn't automatically revert if sent out after dark) using the items used to cause the initial form change. Naturally, this wouldn't make sense for all Pokemon with differing forms, so some selectiveness would be needed when developing this, but it would be an excellent option to have for certain players, although probably not one that should be a default.