By Xizzzy
#206322 The option to enable a Pixelmon save profile globally.
To be globally activated would mean you could enter any map in singleplayer (maybe multiplayer?) and have all of your current pixelmon progress with you. The menu would be in the mod options config setup within a button.

Save would include any saved pixelmon progress
(pc, gyms level, badges, current team, anything I've forgotten to include that also counts toward progress)

<save name> <date> <time> <badge count> <pokemon caught>[activate.profilebutton]

Xizzzy 16/10/2020 9:41am 11 badges 559 Pokemon caught [Activated]
bob 09/06/2020 10:20pm 2 badges 43 Pokemon caught [Inactive]
derp 07/11/2021 12:09pm 4 badges 400 Pokemon caught [Inactive]

(You could realistically put as much or as little info into the save line as you like)

Hub and disposable maps.
This would allow you to have a hub map to store your things in and explore out into other more disposable maps to find harder to reach pokemon/shrines/items in. You won't have to increase your map size indefinitely and it can be nice and manageable. If you use biome mods you can have different maps that use lets say Biomes o plenty or just a vanilla map without it.