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By Screm
#206055 Hello everyone, I just wanted to pop on to post a few suggestions for ideas I had and that were suggested to me by players that haven't decided to post a suggestion for this as well.

My main idea is to bring in the Mewtwo ball - this was a pokeball shown in the first pokemon movie that has an eye in it, it was used i believe when Mewtwo captures pokemon for his bigger plan in the movie.

Screenshot reference:
Wiki on it:

My other idea was pokeball customization, it would be nice to have the option to make custom texture pokeballs similar to custom pokemon, in a seperate folder of course and spawnable similar to pokemon with a CustomTexture spec, that way it gives more freedom to give full customization over the players experience, as well as opens a whole new door for things like particle effects and so on for pokeballs other than the premiere ball!
By Waldie
#206190 Perhaps add ingame pokeball customisation with the normal pokeballs, What I mean to say is atleast allow us to dye the pokeballs ingame. :-D