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By Blobby6799
#206141 So I got idea, they're really hard to find, should makes Zygarde Cube be allow beeping if is Cells/Cores are nearly, it'll make more beeping as "it's here"

Like... Zygarde Cube starts beeping in 100 blocks from Cells/Cores, goes to more beeping as 15 blocks from Cells/Cores
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By xXxCH45Y8U11xXx
#206178 Or instead of beeping, maybe just a flashing animation in your hand and/or hotbar/inventory as beeping could become annoying after a short time, or give a disadvantage to people that play without sound, or even people who have hearing difficulties that play the game.

Maybe the flashing starts off slow at 100 blocks, and then becomes noticeably faster at 15 blocks. (Just to stick with the distance examples you made.)
By Waldie
#206180 perhaps a small light on the Z-cube that changes color as u get closer to a Z-cell red for 100 blocks away orange for 50 blocks away green for 25 blocks away and when you get 10 blocks from the Z-cell the green light starts flashing
By PokeWillpower
#206199 At the very least, I know one feature that the Zygarde cores/cells dearly need is the ability to be toggled like PokeLoot.
You can place them as an administrator, but it's pointless to do so as only one player can pick it up. A "per-player" setting would be sufficient enough so a hunt is possible.