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By Bomberfox
#206135 Hello,
I am the founder of the french Pixelmon server named "Lazylex".

I use google translate, so excuse me for the syntax issues. Hoping to be able to make me understand!

I saw that there is a .jar connecting Pixelmon to Biomes O 'Plenty, and that there is a variant of BiomeBundle allowing to modify the biomes of Biomes O' Plenty: Biome Bundle O 'Plenty. However, and as you might expect, no Pokémon spawn in most biomes.

My request is therefore: Is there already any connection between these 3 mods? Is there a code adding to all the pokémons all the different biomes offered by the Bundle O 'Plenty mod (while keeping a certain logic, obviously)?
If this is not the case, we are of course very well able to generously remunerate this work, because we need a rapid response to this problem. Contact me via my Bomberfox # 0040 discord to talk about it, because obviously this is not the place to discuss it (so thank you for the moderation to leave my message anyway, because my initial request is above all to know if this exist).

Thank you !