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By MomoYaoyorozuUwU
#205957 I’m loving the new mega stone holders such as the necklace and sunglasses but can u add like the tiara, a more feminine bracelet, gloves.
List: Korrina's mega globe, Diantha’s mega charm, May and Brendan’s contest Mega Bracelets, steven’s Mega stick pin, wally’s mega pendant, Lisia’s mega Hair tie/bow thing, Zinnia’s mega anklet, Sielbold’s Tie Key stone.
My Own ideas: Mega Headphones ( your Key stone is in headphones): both stylish and handy, hats/caps/bonnets, Mega Key stone mask( like a masquerade mask and different type of masks), A mega Coronet/Tiara, Crown, a Mega key stone on a bow, headband, Astrid’s absol’s mega stone but for characters instead of an absol, different colored necklaces, other different jewelry.
I would love to see at least some implemented