By VictoriaTheCutie
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Guardian Signs spoilers ahead.

As we all know, many pokémon have custom skins. Some have never been seen anywhere in the games or anime before! Well, today I bring a custom skin idea from the games.
Ukelele Pichu.

Ukelele Pichu starred in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs, a game about drawing loops around wild pokémon to befriend them. This special Pichu was with you since the start of your journey in that game, and not only is it adorable, it is very helpful as well. From this point on I'll be listing how this should be implemented, although keep in mind that I have no assets to make this work out, and perhaps this post will inspire someone from the crowd to make a set.

<- System changes for the skinned pokémon ->

- Once the skin is applied, it is no longer capable of evolution.
- No moveset changes.
- No ability changes.

<- How to acquire the skinned pokémon ->

To acquire this special skin, you'd be required to craft an Ukelele. Although in the games there is only a blue one, there could be red and yellow variants as well, seeing as Raikou, Entei, and Suicune all star in the early story.

These items would be crafted with a mixture of wood, string, and dye. The blue Ukelele being light blue dye as opposed to any other shade.

To apply the skin, you'd first need a 255 happiness Pichu. It must be at least level 15. You'd hold the item in your hand, and right click the baby rat with it. If all the steps were followed, your Pichu should now have an Ukelele strapped to it!

- Cute skin of a not-so-known pokémon game.
- More models to make and load.