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By nathanwright6
#205901 An amazing server for an easy to get into server. The staff are very nice to talk to and give all the help you need and guide you in the right direction. Start with an awesome shiny and some keys to get you going and I'm sure whoever joins in will also have amazing luck too.
Username: nathanwright_6
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By Roundaboutsmh
#205955 Pretty good server. The staff is really friendly, and they make sure the economy stays fair and they're very supportive. The npc and trainer gyms are challenging and fair. I have enjoyed my time on this server thus far and feel that both veterans of pixelmon and new players will find this server to suit their tastes.
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By x3Kirito3x
#205980 I love Server.
The community is really nice and will help you If you have any questions :3
The Admin is really nice too, she gives presents to the other Players :D
I also got my girlfriend (Mc ign Demoy_) to Play on the Server and she loves the Server as much as i do :3
The Server definitely deserves more Attention.
Best regards Mc ign x3Kirito3x :party: