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By CrazyMew37
#205752 Hello! I have a second suggestion to share, but I won't go into as much detail as my 'More Team Armors' idea. It's more of a Sidemod idea, but still. Pixelmon Ranger!

I enjoy the Pokemon Ranger Trilogy and having a Minecraft Mod to play it that way would be cool. It will be no easy task to do, but I do have an idea for the Capture Styler idea: Using the Mouse to control where you go for the Styler and making rings by holding left click and circling the Pokemon. There will have to be many new items and things for this idea, but it can be more of an alternative to Pokeballs. You could be able to capture Pokemon easier but only for limited time because of how the Capture Styler works. Akin to the Trilogy, you can use Pokemon for certain Abilities to collet items, destroy/add blocks, etc.

I hope you enjoy this idea, even though it's gonna be nearly impossible to do. See ya! :-D
By VictoriaTheCutie
#205927 PLEASE do this! I've been wondering why this isn't a side mod yet.
On another note, maybe the mod could use another bar of pokémon! This one would be on the right side of the screen.
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By Mach
#205929 Yes I love this, only issue would be applying it to the hundreds of mon, but I think it could be done with a team of number chuggers.