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By xXxCH45Y8U11xXx
#205852 Hi,
I'm not sure about other people, but I build quite a lot, and when doing so, I'm not a huge fan of exposed torches for lighting. Due to that, when building I have to find ways to hide my lighting and it isn't always convenient/pleasing to the eye. This is made even worse by shaders, I play with shaders a lot because they look great, however, when entering some interiors, there simply isn't enough light in the corners and it makes the entire room look dark.

This got me thinking, in Pixelmon there are the "hidden blocks," my idea was adding a "hidden light block" if that were something possible to do. It would just mean for those people like me, they can build and not worry about lighting because they can simply use the hidden light as the source, instead of hiding lanterns under carpet as this isn't always possible if you have a single block 2nd+ floor.

In an ideal world, this block would give off the same amount of light as say, a sea lantern or similar counterparts, and have no collision box so when placing it, players couldn't constantly bang their heads on it while walking around.

Any suggestions to add to or further improve this concept are welcome, please just reply with whatever ideas you think could improve this.

Thanks for reading my suggestion,