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By QuietTwig
#205632 Currently each chunk only spawns Zygarde Cells when it's been loaded for less than 30 minutes total. If I understand it right, that means that after 30 mins, the chunk is effectively 'dead' in regards to hunting Zygarde cells. And Cells can only be seen with a Zygarde Cube, which needs to be crafted.

I feel that this punishes people for not actively hunting the cells and not immediately going for a Zygarde Cube, with people making more and more dead chunks as they go and explore or hunt for the materials for the cube. Not having a cube and just exploring or hunting for other pokemon means you are 'killing' chunks. If the world has a limited size, like an Adventure Map, this means that there is an effective time limit on getting Zygarde at all, unless people confine themselves until a cube is acquired. While a Legendary should be hard to find and get, I don't feel you should be punished for not actively hunting it.

I propose one of 3 changes, if not going into the mod, to at least add to config options

1. Add a config option for the 'life' of a chunk, meaning chunks can be loaded for more (or less) time before they are dead regarding spawning cells.

2. Lets chunks 'recharge', so that after a period if time of not being loaded they can once again spawn cells.

3. Let Zygarde cells be seen and collected without needing a cube, but needing a cube to properly store the cubes for use with the Reassembly unit.