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By Mach
#205264 I suggest a new difficulty option being added to the game called Nuzlock, which incorporates the classic nuzlock rules from the games incorporated into minecraft.

1. If a pokemon faints it is automatically released.
2. All pixelmon must be nicknamed upon capture
3. Only the first pixelmon encountered in a biome may be captured.

Small corrections in minecraft to challange the player: Minecraft is automatically set to hardcore and All pokemon are hostile and will attack the player. If all pokemon are wiped out the player dies.

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By KidKraft
#205273 Pixelmon strives to be as close to the games in realism as possible, and adding something like this isn't exactly a proper part of the games. However, I do like the idea, and would suggest it be more a sidemod addition than a proper addition to the mod.
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By SKy2008
#205299 iirc there used to be a sidemod that did that in ye olden days, but it wasn't that popular and didn't get maintained. Certainly an idea for someone if they want to get into sidemod coding.