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By SKy2008
#205271 Ampharos only has its luscious hair while in Mega form, which is temporary - might disappear or have other weird behavior. Better not to try that. (Also it's not really a sheep anymore. If we start with that, it's just a small step to demand the same from other Pokémon with manes...)
Flaaffy is debatable, but it has lost most of its wool coat already and wouldn't be worth the hassle in my opinion.

Wooloo and Dubwool are not in yet, so hard to say what is planned for them. It would make sense with their lore and might look kinda cute (or cursed) - but you could argue that it doesn't work in context of their Fluffy and Bulletproof abilities... Maybe just a trim?
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By Mach
#205274 Yes, but from a gameplay perspective it would just make sense for the other sheep mon to be shavable, and ampheros also has belly fur that could be shaved. It would be odd to lose abilities by evolving pokemon.