By Torkkar
#204941 so my suggestion is a bit odd & I don't know where to actually post it cause I'm not a programmer I can't make this myself so here goes & if an admin or forum mods know where this is supposed to go please move it their.

I've been tinkering with a modpack for pixelmon since the original mod that Nintendo foolishly attacked Trying to add in automation for a Pokeball Factory I'm happy to say that goal was archived with Immersive Engineering but one small problem and thats Power Supply IE give Windmill/Waterwheel Kinetic generators, Lightning Rods, & Thermodynamic power generation all of witch are huge but none really fit pixelmon.

Then I had an idea watching the anime and thats a Pixelmon reactor (See Pokemon the indigo League EP 03 for Pikachu Emergency Generator) then I got to thinking an Electrode Generator Like in the Team Rocket base in Gold & Silver would also be nice generators. After that I thought of 2 more machines so now I have a mod idea that I belive we need & would best fit as a side mod Requireing both Pixelmon & Immersive Engineering.

The Machines: NOTE: for those unfamiliar IE is all about Multi-block machines so these are for structures & how they should function using IE, Vanilla, & Pixelmon blocks.

Power Generators: Function holds up to 6 Electric Pokemon with limitations based on Generator type.

Small takes a 5x5x5 Area by layer 1 Iron blocks 5x5, Layer 2 8 conveyor belts in a ring round 1 Copper block with 16 Glass Blocks in a ring enclosing, Layer 3&4 16 Glass blocks placed over the last ones 1 Copper Block, Layer 5 is 23 Iron Blocks with 2 Power storage blocks placed in the middle 1 block apart, to activate place a Pixelmon PC one one side then hit the PC with an IE Hammer. this Generator limits the size to Pikachu or smaller & outputs the medium level IE power and stores upto 25,000 units internally.

Electrode Super Conductor: Electrode only outputs the Highest voltage IE power composed of 2 MB Structures.

The Seat is made up of 8 IE Steel slabs & 1 IE Steel block an IE Mechine block over the steel block another steel block over the Machine block with another 8 Steel slabs hit the Machine block with hammer to activate.

The Dynamo is a 5x11x5 structure of steel scaffold blocks to make 3 conected 5x5 cube frames, filled with 27 HV Power Storage blocks and skinned with machine blocks with 1 redstone machine block on an end. to activate place a PC on the end to the left of the redstone Machine block and hit it with a hammer. outputs Highest possible IE power & stores 1,000,000 units internally can be togled between storeing power & emiting power with a redstone signle applyed to the redstone machine block.

HV Conduit: block recipe 6 steel scaffold & 3 bundles of HV wire makes 6 HV conduits.

Connect the seats to the dynamo using the conduits by placing them under the steel block in the seat & the steel scaffold on the Dynamo's middle in order to place electrodes in the seats up to 6 seats can be connected to one dynamo

Milking parlor: 9 Steel slabs 8 Steel fence posts & 3 blocks of steel to make a pad with 2 fences & one wall, Next layer 2 glass blocks separated by an IE Fluid Pipe, lastly place 2 more glass & 1 pipe over the last layer then make 2 more of these connecting with the fencees, Place a PC & hit with hammer to activate. this structure holds up to 3 Miltank or 6 Shuckle & produces Moomoo Milk if supplied with wheat & seating Miltanks, or Berry Juice if seating Shuckle & supplied with any pixelmon berry.

anyway hope you all like this idea for an industrial mod & hope people can assist in developing it and thank you for your time
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By Yeremyahu
#204947 I *think* the dev's are trying to avoid dependency features so that they don't have to wait on authors to fix bugs and the sort.

Would be an awesome sidemod to have tech mod support like IE tho