Exciting new information regarding Pixelmon!
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By wujichen158
#203960 Thank you for providing such a GREAT mod!
When it comes about ver7.0.0 my friends and I are all excited!
Well, actually I just want to hand in several tiny bugs, which you may not notice:
1. Two forms of Rotom go wrong. When I throw Rotom to fridge, it transforms into fridge form but the sprite and "form" selection in editor are washing machine form. The same situation happens in washing machine Rotom too.
2. There's probably something wrong with chisel that I can't use the form function. When I changed the form and close the chisel interface it restored to the original form.
Hope that you could solve it breezily~~~
Besides, I'd like to see Ultra Necrozma and 100%form Zygarde one day~!
If there's any doubt and if I find more things like bugs, I'd be glad to send you a message.
Thank you again for giving us a wonderful trip!
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By XpanD
#203961 Ultra Necrozma and 100% Zygarde are definitely planned, though there's no ETA on them just yet.

Thanks for putting those bugs on the tracker!
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By AnarchyFire
#203984 Seems to be an issue with changing the sash and trainer cap colors. /redeem just responds wish "Available: trainer_cap" and even when you type that, it just says Invalid Arguments. Not sure what to do about it, all I can do is turn the hat and sash on and off but the color can't be changed now.
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By XpanD
#203991 That message is a bit broken, I believe. Got a ticket up for it internally.

For the hat, try this: "/redeem trainerhat", then "/redeem toggle hat" if it's not visible yet.

For the sash, try this: /redeem toggle sash".
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By XpanD
#204357 The old Pixelmon launcher is no longer available. The people in the Discord may be able to help further, though.