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By KingEzra123
#204794 i'm wondering if they made a rijon map for Pixelmon in the Gen 8 update is this a good team for it
Primarina (water Gem, Mild, Torrent)
Sparkling Aria, MoonBlast, Psychic, Ice Beam
Gigantamax Charizard (Modest, Charizardite y, Drought) (yes i plan on mega evolving sometimes with this mon and sometimes i'll dynamax)
Flamethrower, Solar Beam, Air Slash, Dragon Pulse
Venusaur (Lax, Black Sludge, Chlorophyll)
Toxic (or Will-O-Wisp if i decide), Leech Seed, Protect, Double Team
Galar Cap Pikachu (if released by that time) (modest, Pikashuium Z, Static)
Thunderbolt, Surf, Grass Knot, Electro Ball
Gardevoir (Modest Trace Gardevoirite) this might be my secondary mega)
Psychic, Moon Blast, Shadow Ball, Calm Mind
Sirfetch'd (Adament, Fightium Z, I forgot Sirfetch'd's ability)
Close Combat, Brave Bird, Swords Dance, Leaf Blade