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By Yeremyahu
#204558 So my idea is simple(keep in mind I'm not a coder) Make an option in the config for turning on battle music (you'll see why reading the rest of the post) and have the game play a minecraft record (one for each battle type: trainer, gym, and wild pokemon). Have an option to change the record in the trainer editor (custom themes for custom trainers?). This way, until the team can come up with their own battle music, we can add our own via resource pack. Maybe until you get all the kinks out, label it as experimental.

Edit:when you add battle music, add a new disc too.

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By SKy2008
#204559 It's already possible for custom side mods to hook into battle start and end events to play music for a player while they're in battle. Small server-side mod + custom resource pack should do it. I've seen some people dabble in that, might already be available in the Server Owners' discord.
Probably won't be in the main mod until we have our own music though. A "dead" feature like that would likely just confuse most players.