By Oneirogen
#204393 As the title says, I think it would pretty cool if you could shoot pokeballs with the bow/crossbow, kind of like sniping pokemon from a distance. It would also be cool on servers when legendaries spawn, all people running to catch it and from a long distance you shoot a master ball to it and catch it!

By Oneirogen
#204396 It doesn't have to be a bow, even just the ability to throw pokeballs further will do. You don't even have to implement it for everyone, if its just a command for the people who want it, it will be fine.
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By XpanD
#204397 This would probably be more suited to a sidemod, it should be doable through there. Neat idea, though!
By Oneirogen
#204399 Thanks! Sure, a sidemod would be great! It could be a slingshot if we want to realistically shoot round objects as Jay has mentioned or make a recipe for crafting a arrow with a pokeball on the tip, the ingredients of course would be an arrow and a pokeball
By Oneirogen
#204403 Thanks Neils! I also found a link to a mod that could be taken into inspiration for this feature:

<link removed>

That mod has multiple arrows that do very different things, from blowing stuff with tnt to dye things. My idea as I said earlier would be to have the ability to craft arrows with the ability to catch pokemon, it would feel like being a pokemon hunter!