By mayukii
#204344 Some items that have an impact on pokemon battles have not been implemented into the game as of yet, which kind of limits many playstyles one can take.

Some examples of these are:
- Adrenaline Orb: In battles, it raises the speed of the holder by 1 stage if affected by Intimidate (Ability), and is a one time use.

- Terrain seeds (Grassy, Misty, Electric, Psychic): In battles, spdef or def gets raised by 1 stage when the holder is in the respective battle terrain.

Those are the few items that I have noticed that are not implemented as of yet and limits the number of playstyles one can take as sets such as the tapu koko + electric seed unburden hawlucha combo cant be used.

Would love to see these items be implemented! Thanks for reading this request hope it works out. Have a great day! c: