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By JeanMarc1
#204312 Hello pixelmon forums!

We are Pixelmon Obscure Obsidian, and we are looking for a few people to do skins for us. We know that you might be wondering, why should we help you over other servers? And we'd like to imagine that our server is going to offer something so unique that you're going to be intrigued by the idea. Here's a few of the features Obscure Obsidian has to offer:

Completely new and unique story:
The server takes place in the Marden region, a new custom region based on tourism, with its own unique story. Explore a brand new place, with a lot of similarities to a new Pokémon game.

Perhaps, you've played through every main game of the series, and at this point, you find the journey too easy? Do not worry! We have someone who's qualified for the Pokémon World Championships multiple times working on the trainers, making them a good challenge for experienced players! Perhaps that sounds too intimidating to you, and simply want to enjoy the game without having to struggle too much? That is not a problem either, as the trainers' difficulty can be changed at any time!

Music system overhaul:
One of the things that make the Pokémon games so immersive is their use of music. Like other servers have done before, we've put music that changes based on which areas you're in. Each route and town has their own unique theme! However we’re not satisfied with implementing something as good as other servers, so the music system has been pushed even further! Battles are also going to have their own themes, with different themes for trainer and wild battles. You might even see more music transitions that are normally seen in the Pokémon games, but aren't seen in Pixelmon servers.

Customization items:
Have you ever wanted to wear a Ludicolo hat? No? Perhaps you've always wanted a Shaymin on your shoulder! Even if you've never wanted either, there's probably something that you've always wanted to wear that's on the server, since with the use of the Armourer's Workshop mod, we can make just about anything a customizable item! Perhaps there's something that you really want, but isn't on the server? Feel free to create it if you're able to! We're completely open to taking item submissions from people and giving them access to them!

The Pokéhelper is one of the useful features that are going to be able to help with your adventure a lot! Since a lot of the features on the server are unique to us, tutorials with how they work are included in it. Other neat functions include information on the different areas, and config options for features unique to the server!

Player and NPC gyms:
We believe that player gyms should be given tools to have a good chance to win against most trainers, as being too easy makes it boring for them. However, we also know that you might not be interested in waiting forever for a player leader to be online, or be stuck at Trainer leaders that are too hard in order to progress. To prevent those issues we will have NPC stand-ins available for both difficulties!

And more!
We've got 2 people experienced with programming working on the server, who are always adding new features to the Marden region’s experience! Perhaps there's something that you didn't see on the list that you'd like to have implemented, or maybe something that isn't in the games yet that might be fun, feel free to suggest it!

Sounds like it might be the project you're interested in being a part of? Or maybe you're just interested in following this project? Check out our website and discord below:

Thank you!

By JeanMarc1
#204514 Quick bump to say that we're also now looking for builders/cosmetic creators!

The cosmetics that you guys see in the pictures are created by pretty much building them in-game.

DM me here or reply to this thread if you're interested!