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By DotNrunk
#204200 Hi,
I'd like to disable regular pokemon spawns in my world and only use spawners, but I can't find the setting to disable regular spawns. On the wiki FAQ ( ... 3.A9mon.3F) it says to use the better spawner config JSON to disable spawns in the overworld (world 0), but I cannot find that setting anywhere. the pixelmon.hocon file doesn't have it, and in my server's config directory, there is no pixelmon folder. Any help?? I know its possible because I've done it before, albeit a while ago.
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By XpanD
#204202 The config file you need is now behind a main config toggle, "useBetterSpawnerConfig". After enabling that, restart the game/server. It will then create a "BetterSpawnerConfig.json" in the usual location, "config\pixelmon".