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By Yeremyahu
#204073 Either in game, custom NPC's, better questing, or hardcore questing mode pixelmon quests (the only one I can think of is catch specific pokemon but if the demand is there it could be useful).
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By Flashback83
#204078 I think you will need to pay a dev for a custom plugin
As far i follow the pixelmon project, its difficult to find a pixelmon quest plugin, as you said, CustomNpc is good for that, but that requiere people to install another mods, for me, i make a sidemod that work with customnpc quest system and pixelmon, but its not for public server :/
Also, to give a solution for your problem i can suggest you theses sponge plugin :
- Quest plus plugin, by Justin
Monthly paiement 9.99USD
- MineQuest by Smackzter
I dont remember but maybe something similar

Hope it will help you !