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By Skyxyd
#203745 I've recently add some new texture in steve skin file inside of pixelmon directly (externalJSONfile is same thing)
I put them in assets/pixelmon/texture/steve
I put 98 new skin in this folder spread in 4 trainer class.
But in game only 38 textures are missing. I name each skin correctly in npcs file (same name as the one skin file in .png)

In older version called pixelmon reborn all texture work perfectly and on this version 38 textures are missing, why ?

I tried to create a trainer file .json to put in trainer folder in npcs folder and add it index file, because i guess that file list all trainer and npcs (i'm focus on trainer only). In game all i've done doesn't count. I don't know why, but game ignore my change and don't apply texture (these in steve folder) on skin. I have a black/violet skin instead of.
How change it ? How game recognize new textures of the steve folder ?
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By XpanD
#203746 I'm not sure about the question, but I'd recommend asking this in the Discord. Direct mod edits generally aren't the way to go, though -- distributing a changed .jar would be against the terms of service, and there should be means of doing it properly (e.g. through a resource pack).

People on the Discord will likely know more!
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By XpanD
#203760 Your images aren't loading for me. Drag and drop those into the Discord (not sure if you can use the support channels, #mc-screenshots if not) and people should hopefully be able to help.