By VolroNight
#203727 Hello, I'm here to do suggest a feature, I talked about this with two developpers, they say me that would be difficult and it would probably be refused for that, but I put this here just in case.

It consists just to have a menu before a battle (with 1player vs 1player) that provide to chose a music only during the battle, these musics would be added in the mod
We could also with the trainer editor choose a music battle (that would be load during the battle) on a trainer npc that the player could not change (like in pokemon games).
You are probably thinking "what the fuck " so I have two examples to explain that:

1. It's exactly like when we add a music file in a ressource pack and we do in game at the beginning /playsound (music name) and at the end /stopsound (music name) (it works with every sound we choose).

2. For that I use the exemple of the system npc's skins already present in the pixelmon mod , there is some skins basically present in the mod but we can add somes manually in the mod :-D .
I know only players with that mod can see these skins (internal files it is called no?) but it's not a problem, the server have just to make a download of this mod on his website.

I hope it will interest you, I think it could be a great feature to be add and it would be very useful for servers who want a great ambiance ^^ .
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By MoeBoy76
#203729 All you need to get this to work is a resource pack and the TrainerCommands side-mod, there is a battle started option that i added for this very purpose