By Arpaesis
#203701 Currently pokeballs if thrown in the ocean have to hit the ocean floor to open, and the pokemon has to float up to the surface in order to be used. Would be nice if the pokeball just instantly opened when hitting the water. Makes more sense too, since pokeballs are lightweight and wouldn't really sink anyways.
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By XpanD
#203702 Doing it that way might cause trouble when trying to engage an underwater spawn, especially at a distance (where a fix like, for example, immediately entering a battle would not make sense, as you might be way too far away). Might be a work-around for that, though.

I do agree that balls flying freely through water/air can take a loooong time, would be nice to have something there to speed things up.
By Arpaesis
#203707 Well funny enough, you worded that just right to give an idea.

Perhaps pressing the throw button again while the ball is mid flight can prematurely trigger it to open. That way the player can either let it go the full length until collision, or tell the ball to open when they feel it is right to open.