By fapdos123
#203692 Hi,i'm making a custom map with pixelmon and i don't want pokémons to spawn naturally,i only want them to spawn with pixelmon spawners,i was searching in the config some options to disable the pokémon spawn but i couldn't find the solution to this,so here i have my suggestion: add in the ''spawning'' config the option ''Enable pokémon spawn: true/false'' so it would be more easy to me and other map makers to make custom maps,thanks!
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By XpanD
#203693 You should be able to do this by removing the "0" from the list of valid spawning dimensions in the config\pixelmon\BetterSpawnerConfig.json file. A little bit more awkward, but that should work.

EDIT: The moment I posted this, I was told that this apparently wouldn't work. Change the "0" to a random unused number (something like "100"), as that should work. Something about empty lists being ignored.