By DJDelta
#203679 Well, first let me say thanks for reading this suggestion. Second, I know you must be fairly busy with tons of things already to add to the mod so I will try to make this as short as possible.

What I am suggesting is close to the Badge Case that got added in the 6.3.2 update, as it would be a way to store badges, but that would not be the main reason for it. What I am suggesting is for more showing off your badges to others on the servers, and the only way to do that as of now is with item frames, which is not very secure as anyone can break them and steal your badges. Also they are quite bulky to even show 8 badges.

With the new badge Case is, you can only show others that you give a copy of your badge case to, and both are on at the same time. Now what I am suggestion is a way to show off your badges to anyone.

How would it work? Well, in my mind, it is connected to your badge case (maybe even use one in it's recipe to craft), you click on it to access the badges in the case and choose 4 badges of those you have earned and they get showed off in the case while not being able to be stolen
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By AnDwHaT5
#203680 You do realize that if you give a player your badgecase they can't remove any badges if they are not the registered owner of the case right?
By DJDelta
#203682 Yes I do understand that, but I mean only way to display them for others to see with ease(aka if your not on the server or the like) Or if you want to look at all your badges you earned on a wall at your base then the current way to show them off is just with item frames that can be stolen from
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By XpanD
#203683 I'd love to have something like this, reminds me a lot of the old player head walls on PvP servers. A nice way to show off your trophies!

(although it's gonna make making a sidemod that checks which badges a player owns even more difficult)