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By WobbuffetWynaut
#197865 Hi! I saw some of the items in Pixelmon don't look how they look in the Pokemon games. I thought some of them looked bad too. (But not too bad :P I still like them.) So I drew some items, and I think they look better.
Anyone can use this if you're making something, like a Resource Pack :D I'll be making more soon.

Image Absorb Bulb
Image Big Root
Image Binding Band
Image Choice Band
Image Choice Specs
Image Energy Root
Image Exp. Share
Image Exp. All
Image Film
Image Focus Band
Image Macho Brace
Image Muscle Band
Image Rare Candy

And some items that aren't in Pixelmon:
Image Adamant OrbImage Adrenaline Orb
Image DNA Splicers
Image Electric Seed
Image Gracidea
Image Grassy Seed
Image Griseous Orb
Image Lunar Wing
Image Lustrous Orb
Image Misty Seed
Image Psychic Seed
Image Secret Key
Image Terrain Extender

By SViper
#197875 For DNA Splicers is understandable, because there is no Kyurem in game yet.
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By SKy2008
#204046 please don't necro-post topics from 2 years ago.