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By Riddik
#197198 The idea I want to bring to you guys is making Rotom have utility (when it is released) similar to that of Miltank and Camerupt's where you can use them outside of battle as a resource. All of the effects will work either when the Pokemon is out of its Pokeball or in your Party.

Rotom's Basic stage - Would act as a light bulb so it would be able to light caves and dark places when it is thrown out.

Rotom Frost - Would act as if you had the frost walker enchantment. It would freeze the water for a short time when trying to cross it.

Rotom Heat - Cooks apricorns in your inventory. (Would need some balancing but something like 1 apricorn every 2 minutes would not be bad.)

Rotom Mow - Would cut grass in the area it moves, If player own'd and thrown out of the Pokeball.

Rotom Wash - Could use once every 20 minutes to clean a fossil if it is throw out and right clicked with the fossil in your hand.

Rotom Fan - Could not come up with something clever for this but I am sure you guys can figure out something for this one.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope this spark some more great and wonderful ideas.


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By tridaak
#197207 That would be way too OP. Even if you try to balance it out with long cooldowns, there's no other pokemon that provide these utilities (which also means it would take a while to implement all of this).
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By SKy2008
#197209 Yes, this would be way too overpowered for a single Pokémon. The Pixelmon team generally tries to not make specific Pokémon more or less useful than they are in the original games. Some of these could get turned into external moves though.
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By Oisin
#197508 I think this idea could be amazing if done with External Moves, and there are a lot of pokemon with arguably more utility than this would propose. These, if done correctly, could just be quality-of-life features, making life easier for the player. Same thing with Flame Body Pokémon, and Ditto.