By jujubinks
#192727 First Feature: A Pokemon "Modder".
You know how when you use the NPC tool to create a trainer, and you can mod their pokemon in quite literally any way? You can set / Max the IVs, you can set / "Max" the EVs, stuff like that; I think there should be a tool for players to do that to their Pokemon.
If there's a reason this hasn't been implemented yet, and it's because of what it might do to the competitive scene, I do not believe that is a just reason, as this would be an optional tool. (Also, this tool should NOT be craftable, only able to obtain through creative.) It would help a lot with testing Pokemon / teams, so that way people like me can just mess with a team Comp with certain IVs / EVs without the hassle of training / Breeding. Please consider this, I would love to see this feature.

Second Feature: Double battling a Double-Battle trainer with a friend.
When creating a trainer NPC, you have the option to make it a Double Battle trainer, and I think it would be an awesome idea if a friend and I could battle that trainer together. For instance, the trainer has an Ivysaur and an Emboar. I could use a Charizard, and my friend could use a Squirtle. I know there is the command to double battle Pokemon, and other people, however my friend and I are typically the only ones in our friend group who play Pixelmon, so if he and I could fight a trainer together that'd be awesome, and double battling Pokemon really isn't that hard, it'd be a lot more fun to have that challenge of fighting a trainer.

I really hope these ideas are taken into consideration, and I would be so excited if these were implemented!

By jujubinks
#192743 Unfortunately, I'm an idiot. I didn't know this existed.
Also, how exactly would I use that on a server with friends? My intention is for my friends and I to use it for testing.
BY THIS I MEAN I USE A SERVER SOFTWARE (Aternos, yes I know, it sucks but it gets the job done) AND THAT SOFTWARE DOES NOT ALLOW CONFIG TO BE EDITED, IT USES THE DEFAULT CONFIG. Meaning I can't change starters or anything, it sort of sucks.
By jujubinks
#192749 Also Some Body, you didn't really say anything about my second idea, is there anything you CAN say about that?
By jujubinks
Some Body wrote:I will look into /pokebattle2 for NPC Trainers.

Also, is there any way to cut off Pokemon XP, so that way my Pokemon will stop leveling, without messing with the config? Once again my friend and I are trying to do a challenge where we fight trainers with level 70+ pokemon, and we can only have level 50 Pokemon at max, this might be in the game, however if it isn't it should be, an item or something.
By jujubinks
#192843 Okay, thank you. If /pokebattle2 for NPC Trainers was added into the game, it would be in the changelog correct?