Is it Machoke approval time?


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By Sundial_MC
#17523 Maybe use two smaller blocks, instead of 1 big block for the chest part? Might make it more smooth.
By Jumpyporcupine
#18346 The texture on his belt is strange (might be the way I'm looking at it). And yes that chest.
By hotburn101
#18801 holy that is much scarier/awesomer than in the games.
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By Tom_X
#18897 Looks amazing, and it's a really good model. But it's like its chest was sad :(
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By Edeodin
#19239 Sorry I've been so slow with this update guys. I've apparently given several people nightmares of horrific Machoke chests. I'm in major crunch time right now so it's been hard to get a chance to work on this, but here's another update. I must've tried a dozen different chests so hopefully the nightmares stop here. Also the texture has shading now. Probably won't be another update until the weekend but I'll be around!

By Ledia
#19259 Wow! That looks fantastic! Can't wait to shower my love and approval through a poll... which, by the way, I think it's ready for. An approval poll that is. Too bad Pixemon still doesn't have an approved machop or ANY machamp... Hopefully your model will inspire some! (OR OMG IT WOULD BE SO COOOL IF YOU MADE THE WHOLE LINE but that's alot of work and I totally understand if you don't have the time/motivation/drive)
By Yaseen
#19260 Thats great, it looks awesome now
By Skibb
#19265 Wow. Amazing Job. I love this. Make a poll if you want to! ;)