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By kobaloi
#191133 I'm trying to use this command
setblock <x> <y> <z> pixelmon:moltres_shrine 3 replace
to automatically replace the shrines in the server I'm a moderator on, anyone know how I can get this command to stop spawning a used one and make it unused so we can replace them quicker? I need the other two shrines as well if anyone knows, thanks in advance!

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By Dysthymic
#191397 The setblock command is a vanilla command. It replaces by coordinates only. You'll need a plugin like WorldEdit via Sponge or Forge mod version to edit amass. However, if you have a large map, it will likely crash the server when using large edits. I recommend MCEdit for this.
Simply replacing the block with a new one is sufficient to make it reusable again. After replacing it and you wish to make them reusable infinitely, you'll need to edit the setting in pixelmon.hcon