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By LucieTwi
#190791 Not sure if this should go in a town or as standalone...

So, I had the idea of adding the DayCare as a feature, since - as far as I know - there are so far no structures that can have RanchBlocks in them. I just made a quick draft - could do with more work - but I wanted to see whether the idea is a good one at all.

The idea is: Have a small house with the DayCare Couple. Have one RanchBlock in the backyard surrounded by the right blocks for one specific type (in the pictures it's glass for flying types). And then make these blocks vary, either randomly or biom-dependent for the varios types (I would make them all and could even imagen to change to house around a bit depending on the type - but I have no idea whether that works that easy, I'm no good in understanding the programming behind it...)
Finally I thought one coule also add a random PokéEgg into the Ranchblock or something like that. But here again I don't know how that has to be done.
Is there a way to put in non-catchable Pokémon that jus sit there ore something?

Here are the screenshots of my first draft. I appreciate any ideas.
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By SnowBlitzz
#190803 Great idea. I would love to see a daycare NPC. Makes good use of the pixelmon currency and would be fun to have around while you're training and doing other things.
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By LucieTwi
#190842 I like your idea of making the place cost something. Though I have no idea how that has to be done. I can only make the builds. Any NPC programming or whatever would be needed for that has to be done by someone else.

Question: Bug types - do they want the mushroom blocks from the giant mushrooms or do normal mushrooms do the same?