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By SKy2008
Jstar0717 wrote:So if I were to submit a build could I still use it in something I was making for myself? Like an adventure map or something

You can still do everything you want with your building. You only lose the right to complain about what the Pixelmon/Build Team does with it, once it's submitted.
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By MoeBoy76
TheOmniAdam wrote:I'm obviously very late to the party but whatever ever became of the World Project?

AsyD and his team never got anywhere and then dropped of the map, basically it died
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By SKy2008
MoeBoy76 wrote:
TheOmniAdam wrote:basically it died

Remove it from the forum, then?
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By TheOmniAdam
#178838 That is too bad. Sounded really cool and was considering contributing now that I have a smidge more free time.
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By bvanseghi
#179840 I have provided an assets topic in the structures section. Maybe take a look at that? it's for Pixelmon villages, but the devs may not take a look at it.... regardless of that, it IS open for anyone to use, as stated in the file attached to its download.
By DixonMalf
#185711 Starting in August, we will be holding monthly build competitions.

Each month will have a different build theme for example medieval, steampunk, or Christmas themed in December - you will be able to suggest possible theme ideas.

In the fourth week of the month, staff will produce a shortlist of five builds which the community votes on for the rest of the week.

The winner receives 500,000 and their build is moved to a special world dedicated to displaying winners builds. The runner-up receives 100,000.

You will be allowed to submit a build that you have already made/started to make before the competition starts. Youre allowed to work on the build with other players, but only one player can collect the prize money if they win though they can share it with other helpers if they wish.

You will be able to submit builds with /enter - make sure you are standing at your build. You will be able to view info on this months competition with /build.