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By davidrock2000
#176633 Hello everyone...

I built this house because I thought pixelmon needs a starter house in which you spawn at when you create a new world, I really think it would be something like this needs to be added...

You can see the full album of screenshots here:
I really hope you like

Outside of the house:

Image Image Image Image Image

Inside of the house

Image Image Image Image

Also any feedback would be amazing...
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By davidrock2000
#176675 You do make a good point, and didn´t really think about it till now...
but I think they could put all the players in one single house, or make that everyone spawn in a different one... and in the servers they can make it so that the don´t spawn or something like, in server wouldn´t be so necesary I think
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By tsijiang
#177371 for servers they'd make that the starting place for any new players. at least on adventure maps. as for anarchy maps, you'd probably have to spawn randomly and people could throw up claims around them to claim the house as their own.
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By bvanseghi
#179723 You'd probably be better off by having it as a config option, so servers can turn it off.
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By LucieTwi
#190776 I think it's a great idea for singleplayer or local multiplayer! One could put in the config whether to spawn in one or not.

eidt... ups... bvanseghi already said that. still, i think it would be great to do so :-)