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#175539 Hey!
I'm attempting to start up a pixelmon server. I have just a few questions for some server owners as to how you handle some things. If anyone could answer it would be a great help and I could appreciate it very much.
[*]What version of SpongeForge do you use?
[*]What mod/plugin do you use to protect land (spawn buildings AND player buildings)
[* What version of Pixelmon do you use?

If anyone could help me out, that would be amazing.

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By FrostEffects
#175547 Latest Sponge, Grief Prevention; Pixelmon 4.2.5 because 4.2.6 has some nasty bugs that null pokemon into crashing a player when they open the PC everytime; so they are no longer able to open their PCS (happens often) and other nasty bugs that caught pokemon can null pokemon in the party in which they get disconnected every time they try and join. buts ok not to hotfix these things because its not a critical error so i've heard; even though players are NOT ABLE to play the mod due to these errors if their ACCOUNT gets a NULLED pokemon.
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By emilandersson91
#175602 Latest is unplayable. Doesn't matter what they tell you since they run small servers.