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By Asvarduil
#174377 Hello! I'm Asvarduil, and I normally write Unity games, but I'm posting this for two important reasons:

A) I really, really like Pixelmon. It makes MineCraft really interesting.

B) I really, really don't like how wood stairs are used to simulate seats. Using fence + pressure plate to simulate tables also bothers me, but one thing at a time.

...So, I've decided to help out with modelling something that's not a Pokemon: a chair.

I set the chair up so that it's high-def enough to fit the Pokemon aesthetic of sleekness, but with limited polygons so as not to totally stress MineCraft out. Also, I designed the seat to support the Pokeball motif that any self-respecting Pokemon game or mod should have everywhere.

If it's not quite right for the mod, please let me know how to improve it.
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By Asvarduil
#174398 You've got a point. I can't unsee it now. Holy crud.

Also, fixing the "toilet" look will let me further reduce the vertex/poly count. While this is very low poly by most games' standards, most things in MineCraft have like 8 vertices.

EDIT: I noticed the (accurate) title change. That gave me an idea - at one point to actually model a toilet for the Pixelmon mod. Just like with Poketables, however - one thing at a time.
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By Asvarduil
#174423 I normally avoid double-posting, but given that my first attempt at a chair went to the crapper in a more literal sense than I may have's round two. I decided to be a bit more conservative:

I went with the suggestion from @SnowBlitzz for the seat and back to be two separate colors, but I reversed them because anyone who's ever owned furniture that's white knows how easy it is to mess it up without even trying.

Anyways, it's also far-lower in vertex and poly count.