By Dme53
#166247 I posted about this in the What is the world section and once again I apologize, I will remove said post shortly but I have an idea on a building. Y'know how in BW2 there was a place where you could battle trainers from other regions? Let's do that here too! I can easily design the trainers and how it would work in a tournament setting. We could bring back classics like Red Steven and Cynthia or even other villainous leaders like Maxie Archie , N and etc. Even bring some trainers back from the Gamecube series of games including the one and only Mirror B. Either way I think this would be a good idea to add some nostalgia into this game. If you like this idea we could list some possible trainers that would/won't work.
By PixelWiz
#166361 Hey guys!
Well i own a building team.
But im not sure if all of them are willing to work for free.
But i am.
I love Pixelmon.
And im a Quite good builder,skin maker.
So message me if you want me to build anything for you!
Im willing to help you guys with this project.
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By yoru-san
#166621 I would request some kind of special place, which will be hard to explore like a volcano or similar where rare pokemon live. Or some kind of ancient ruins with puzzles to solve and unknown in it.
By Dme53
#166642 "Completely new, no ties.
Allusions are fine but outright citations are to be avoided."
Ok that's understandable
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By Sparkydalmtion
#166646 What about to get into the Elite Four, you have to find all of the other badges, including all eight gym badges. Here's where they would be hidden:
*Balance Badge- Found in the cave that Mewtwo inhabits.
*Basic Badge- First badge you find, found in your starting town.
*Beacon Badge- Found next to a lamppost in ________ town.
*Boulder Badge- Found at the bottom of a rock slide on ________ Mountain.
*Bolt Badge- Found near Raikou's domain.
*Cascade Badge- Must shoo away (fight) 3 seakings guarding a waterfall, behind the waterfall is the Cascade Badge.
*Coal Badge- Found in Drilbur coal mines (Or any mine/Hole.)
*Cobble Badge- Must take it away from a skittish graveler on ________ Mountain.
*Dynamo Badge- Talk to construction worker in _________ City.
*Earth Badge- Convince an Ariados to not eat it in _________ Grotto.
*Feather Badge- Fight a red boss Fearow and two pidgeotto's to obtain it.
*Fen Badge- Given to you if you beat the Old witch in __________ Swamps.
*Fog Badge- Found in Suicune's domain.
*Forest Badge- Chase down ________ Grunts in the _________ Forest.
*Freeze Badge- Given to you by the elder of the snowy __________ Town.
*Glacier Badge- Found at Articuno's Shrine.
*Heat Badge- Found in Entei's domain.
*Hive badge- Defeat a red boss beedrill, 5 kakunas, and a green boss Butterfree.
*Icicle Badge- Talk to the Mamoswine breeder near __________ City.
*Insect Badge- Found in the Apricorn fields of __________ Town.
*Jet Badge- Found in the __________ Airport.
*Knuckle Badge- Defeat the sensei of ___________ Dojo ontop of __________ Mountain.
*Legend Badge- Found in the legendary worshipers secret base underneath the ________ Ocean.
*Marsh Badge- Reason with a gang of trainers called the ________ Gang in the ________ Marsh.
*Mind Badge- Given to you buy Celebi.
*Mine Badge- Complete the Miner's quests at the ___________ Mines.
*Mineral Badge- Visit every mine (Coal, Thunderstone, Waterstone, Leafstone, Moonstone, Dusk stone, Sun stone, Firestone, Aluminum, Dawnstone, Crystal, and Amethyst, Ruby, and Sapphire Mines.) Then talk to the miner at __________ Town.
*Plain Badge- Rescue Chansey, Persian, Chatot, and Aipom from __________ Grunts.
*Quake Badge- Given to you by ________ after defeating Groudon.
*Rain Badge- Given to you by _________ after defeating Kyogre.
*Rainbow Badge- Found in Ho-oh's Tower after defeating it.
*Relic Badge- Found at the Unown Ruins.
*Rising Badge- Defeat two Lampents, 3 Litwicks, and a yellow boss Chandelure for terrorizing __________ Town.
*Soul Badge- Given to you by Mew in the ________ Meadows.
*Stone Badge- Find and revive every fossil, then talk to the scientist at ______ Laboratory's.
*Storm Badge- Found at the Whirlpool isles after defeating Lugia.
*Thunder Badge- Found at Zapdos's shrine atop _________ Mountain.
*Toxic Badge- Clear the streets of _______ City from the poison types, then talk to the mayor.
*Trio Badge- After defeating both trio's, talk to the leader of the _______ Tribe.
*Volcano Badge- Found near Moltres's shrine.
*Wave Badge- Defeat surfers at _______ Beach.
*Zephyr Badge- Found at Rayquaza's tower after defeating it.
By defeating i mean capture of course ;-)
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By Sparkydalmtion
#166650 Here is also a list of interesting locations-
*Fogbound City, a foggy, laid-back city with dumbfound citizens.
Points of interest: Fortune Teller, Pokemon center, Pokemart, Name Rater, Psychic-type gym.

*Drilbur coal mines, the central hub of all coal in Pixilia. It seems calm, but what else are those miners digging for?
Points of interest: Pokemon Center

*Korudo Town, a frozen town that adores ice types and precious gems.
Points of interest- Pokemon Center, Pokemart, Swinub Lake, Daycare, Ice-type Gym.

*Rotalus island, the main post-office in Pixilia, Pelipper and wingull are common.
Points of interest- Post-office, Pelipper roost.

*Nociv City, a city polluted by poison gas and oil spills, secrets are hidden through the smog.
Points of interest- Pokemon Center, Pokemart, Game Corner, Team Legend hideout, Poison-Type Gym.

*Turbine City, this city is powered solely on wind power, and lots of flying-type pokemon are present.
Points of interest- Pokemon Center, Flying-type gym, Turbine windworks.

*Akuno City, largest city in Pixilia with a very large crime rate.
Points of interest- Dark-type gym, Silph-Co headquarters, Pokemon Center, Pokemall, Amusement Park, Pokecamera industries headquarters, Pokepuffs HQ, Town square.

*Glurec Town, your starting town.
Points of interest- Your house, Rivals House, Professor Willow's lab.
By pikmints
#166657 I feel like since this is Minecraft, we could afford to be a lot more creative with large designs. The designs don't need to be limited to towns either, they could be for a villain base, some kind of outpost, or just one environment someone would pass through to get from A to B. If there's one thing I'd say that I don't like about the main Pokemon games it's that so many of the towns are throwaway places with nothing to make them interesting, even some places with gyms become forgettable because they're so plain. While I'm not a builder that can provide specific blueprints, using some more variable design principles could make fewer forgettable towns.

There are incredibly few underground settlements in Pokemon with the only one I can think of being in Pokemon Colosseum. An underground living space could have a strong mining culture, rely on geothermal energy, get their water from a freshwater spring, and have direct access to a lot of ground/rock/steel/the occasional fire types.

There are incredibly few floating landmasses in Pokemon, and I'm sure that somewhere between Arceus, Giratina, levitation (psychic types/ghost types), magnetism (electric types/steel types), and so on that there'd be a way to justify such an existence. Flying/Dragon/levitate Pokemon would be some of the most common ones there. And because of the way Minecraft's lighting engine works, you could do something special for the area under that landmass that's always in the shade.

Encapsulated towns could work well in many of their possible forms. Mauville in ORAS is a town encapsulated in a single building and Sootopolis in cliffsides, so what if there were a location that was a town in underwater structures or inside of a somewhat hollowed but still alive tree? What if a place like Sea Mauville was turned into a living space like Rivet City from Fallout?
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By Sparkydalmtion
#166666 Continuation of my Badges idea, just if some more badges are added-
*Hope Badge- Given to you by Jirachi in Wish Cave.
*Land Badge- Found in Regirocks Cave.
*Snow Badge- Found in Regice's Cave.
*Steel Badge- Found in Registeel's Cave.
*Eon Badge- Befriend Latios and Latias.
*DNA Badge- Defeat all Deoxys forms, then talk to the meteorologist in _______ Laboratory's.
*Knowledge Badge- Found at Uxie's Lake.
*Feeling Badge- Found at Mesprit's Lake.
*Determination Badge- Found at Azelf's Lake.
*Time Badge- Calm Dialga down at Temporal Tower.
*Galaxy Badge- Calm Palkia down at the Spacial Chasm.
*Matter Badge- Defeat Giratina at Spear Pillar using Palkia and Dialga.
*Lunar Badge- Inquire Cresselia to aid you against Darkrai at Cresent Island.
*Void Badge- Defeat Darkrai alongside Cresselia at Crevice Cave.
*Sea Badge- Discover Manaphy's and Phione's egg at the Miracle Sea, then find the old man that lives on Denta Bluff.
*Magma Badge- Lullaby Heatran to sleep at Humo Volcano to stop the Tremors.
*Power Badge- Defeat Regigigas using Regice, Regirock, and Registeel.
*Garden Badge- Complete quests for Shaymin.
*Life Badge- Capture all Legendary's, then go to Spear Pillar, where the Hall of Origins will be present, along with Arceus.
*Victory Badge-Given to you by Victini.
*Justice Badge- Make an alliance with Terrakion, Virizion, Cobalion, and Keldeo at Oath Hill.
*Wind Badge- Defeat Tornadus at Moonlight Forest.
*Spark Badge- Defeat Thundurus at Amp Plains.
*Soil Badge- Summon Landorus using Tornadus and Thundurus at his Shrine in ________ Town.
*Flare Badge- Inquire Reshiram's help at Ivory Peak.
*Volt Badge- Inquire Zekrom's help at the Sky Ruins.
*Frozen Badge- Defeat Kyurem, White-Kyurem, and Black-Kyurem with Reshiram and Zekrom.
*Song Badge- Listen to Meloetta's songs at _______ City.
*Revival Badge- Defeat Genesect at the Mysterious Geoglyphs.
*Birth Badge- Aid Xerneas in its battle with Yveltal.
*Death Badge- The Xerneas and Yveltal battle didn't go well, and Yveltal is terrorizing Pixilia. All thats left behind is the Death Badge.
*Percent Badge- Plead for Zygardes help in the Battle of Legends to destroy Yveltal.
*Jewel Badge- Complete quests for Diancie at the depths of the Diamond Mines.
*Maijin Badge- Free Hoopa from its unbound form at _______ Town.
*Steam Badge- Defeat Volcanion at the Hot Springs.