By Noremac11
#165222 Alright I am not the best at making posts and forum topics etc. But I have a suggestion that I think may be a great addition to pixelmon.
At the beginning when selecting a pokemon, most of the time I can never decide what I want to use. Mainly because I am bored of all the current starters. This is when I thought of a "Random Starter" option at the selection screen. Where if you cannot decide or do not want any of the starters, you can select and you are given a random pokemon. Of course there would be rules to this as you cannot get anything above lvl. 5. It does not give ledgendaries. May only be evolution stage 1 pokemon. So example I cannot get a Rhydon by selecting it, but only a rhyhorn. Just to make it fair and not overpowered. The icon for the selection can be a "?" question mark, or whatever you feel like would work best.
This would make the selection at the start a lot less restricted, and feeling a bit more flexible about choices overall.

In short
Random Starter:
Random stage 1 evolution starters ( so no Rhydons / Slowbro )
Always level 5 (normal rules)
No ledgendaries

Feel free if anyone likes this idea to add some suggestions to make it better. :-)

Oh and another suggestion is to allow us to plant berries! That would be very cool.

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By AcedDunsparce
#165233 I could see this being added as the "Pixelmon Nuzlocke" mod uses the same sort of mechanic for choosing your starter, randomly. Although, with some minor tweaking to the system for choosing from the script, I would imagine it could be added.

Nice idea!
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By AuraWalker
#165252 heh! my friends are having great fun using hack systems and number randomizers to select a random pokemon to be their new starter after just beginning their adventure before boxing their original to be used as a reward for winning the game! I haven't tried that myself but it looks like an interesting way to play!
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By Isi
#165358 Easiest thing to do here is to just allow 'random' as an entry into the config, doing exactly that for each player. The starter screen would would just have different random pokemon for every player. With config options for shiny, legendary, etc.
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By Jay113355
#190909 One of the problems i see with just allowing "random" into the config for a starter choice, would be players could relog to get a different or better random selection to chose from.