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By AsylumDreams
#165150 Something special is coming. A full-sized game map is being pulled together and the intent is to have as much of it as possible be sourced from and decided by the fans.

Each month there will be a number of polls / submission competitions to allow forum users to take part in the development of an official Pixelmon map.

A few points to take note of:

  • First the map will be of a wholly separate region with no ties to any of the prior games or releases. Consider it a brand new world in which the history and the folklore are yours to create.
  • Second, this map will be available to all via these forums and will be a collective creation. Submitting something does not entitle you to ownership of the project, and all submissions are received with the understanding that you are gifting an original creation of your own design to the Pixelmon team.
  • Thirdly, whilst I've been allowed a large amount of personal autonomy for this project I have strongly voiced my intent to have as much of it as possible be dictated by the forums. That being said the buck will stop - and sometimes start - with me, short of one of the core team stepping in, which means that I will have to make some arbitrary decisions myself.

This forum is still to be laid out. For now I ask that you stay tuned and consider what you'd like to have in our very own world.

To begin with the first of the many polls I'd like you all to decide the form of the landmass you'd most like and to vote accordingly.

I would also appreciate your posting your thoughts on possible names for the region in the poll's thread, with reasons why. I'll shortlist any forum favourites as well as my own and that will run as a poll from next week.

As a parting note please be aware that this matter has had a lot of careful thought: whilst one of the major reasons I wish to make this a collaborative process is the inclusion of many people's ideas do please ensure you only offer suggestions for what is being asked for. If you feel that we may have overlooked something then certainly do let us know, just do that in the appropriate discussion thread rather than on any of the polls.
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By Feutore
#165849 Make it so the more you explore, the better/stronger the Pokemon
I will think more about this project when holidays are over. Right now I have too many other things on my mind. Keep in mind that I love this project though :-D
By Dme53
#166243 I recommend to generate the world you should either use a mod that makes the world more realistic/intense or create everything yourself on flat world. If you need my help in designing the evil team, trainers for battle only, or info on a world generator just ask
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By Lucasjuhas
#167236 I already did a map like that...